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Международная научная хирургическая ассоциация

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АспирантЪ Сайт для аспирантов и соискателей ученых степеней. На сайте представлены документы ВАК, рекомендации по организации научной работы, оформлению списка литературы и многое другое...
CVSA-2003 Сайт международной конференции "Сердечно-сосудистая хирургия и ангиология - 2003"
NTMed Сайт международной конференции "Новые технологии в медицине"
  Ваш медицинский агент каталог медицинских сайтов.
  Медицина на Градусник.ру сайт для врачей и пациентов
InterSpine Сайт международного конгресса по хирургии позвоночника и спинного мозга "InterSpine"
MEDLINEplus Медлайн - бесплатный
A National Database of Educational Resources on Spinal Cord Injury
http://www.naric.com National Rehabilitation Information Center
http://www.nlm.nih.gov National Library of Medicine
http://www.sci-info-pages.com Spinal Cord Injury Information Pages
Dragons and Lace A site largely devoted to chronic pain resources and information.
eSpine This site is dedicated to helping people understand the spine and spine-related problems. 
Exogen Exogen has developed and manufactures the Sonic Accelerated Fracture Healing System.  This device emits low-intensity sonic ultrasound waves which have been proven to help broken/fractured bones heal faster.  e-mail: dawn@wir.com
Lifenet Tissue Services LifeNet is one of the largest allograft tissue banks in the U.S. providing allograft bone and connective tissue including VertigraftT line of spinal fusion tissue grafts in conjunction with DePuy AcroMed/J & J
Orthopaedics.com Orthopaedics.com is an independent site run by a group of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Programmers. Our mission is to build a global internet resource for the orthopaedic community using some of the latest internet technology. We would welcome support from anybody interested in collaborating with us or anybody who can contribute to the content of this site. We believe in a FREE internet and FREE educational services for all
Orthopedic Cyberlink Launchpad Some useful links that will launch you on your way to surfing the best of orthopedics on the World Wide Web. References, journals, news groups, and other related topics, such as radiology and trauma links are also included...
Orthopaedic Surgery Mailing List Web Site Contains numerous resources for orthopedic surgery and patient education
Orthospine.com Educational site with diagrams and explanations of spine problems
Pain Support A site dedicated to sharing and supporting chronic pain sufferers
Percutaneous Laser Disectomy Center The PLDD with Laser is a method on eliminating spine's discal herniae without the need of open spine surgery, total anesthesia nor hospitalization
Precision Spine Training For those interested in information on aggressive, conservative care of lumbar dysfunction see this Lumbar Stabilization Training site.
www.sciatica-home-treatment.com We provide visitors with 3 free chapters on exercises that they can do to ease sciatic nerve pain and prevent its return
Spinal Endoscopy A website dedicated to spinal endoscopy, arthroscopic microdiscectomy, and minimally invasive spine surgery
Spinal Surgeon Description of surgeon's extensive training and experience
Spine Universe An informational site about the spine.
The Spine Center The outpatient spinal surgicenter in PA and NJ is the largest and oldest multi-location outpatient surgicenter with locations in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Bethlehem and Langhorn and in Northfield, NJ.
E-mail: admin@thespinecenter.com
SpineInfo Webpage An information collection about Spine and Spine Surgery
Spinenet.com The San Francisco Spine Center offers state-of the-art medical treatment and preventative medicine for those with a wide range of spinal problems
Trauma home page ...including a section on spinal trauma
http://www.cureparalysis.org/ An on-line forum for the discussion of research related to spinal cord injury
The Worldwide Congress on Pain The Dannemiller Memorial Educational Foundation, a leader in pain management education since 1984, has designed this web site to provide both the professional and the consumer with current information on pain and pain management
The Journal of Vascular Surgery
European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 
Endovascular Surgery





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"Книги и CD для врачей"


Предстоящие конференции по хирургии

Cердечно-сосудистая хирургия и ангиология - 2006

InterSpine - 2006

Новые технологии в медицине - 2006

Прошедшие конференции по хирургии

Сердечно-сосудистая хирургия и ангиология - 2003

Сердечно-сосудистая хирургия и ангиология - 2004

Сердечно-сосудистая хирургия и ангиология - 2005

InterSpine - 2004

InterSpine - 2005

Новые технологии в медицине - 2004

Новые технологии в медицине - 2005

Новые технологии в медицине - 2006




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