Dear colleagues!

The International Scientific Surgical Association since 2003 is based with the purpose of an exchange of experience between surgeons of the different countries.

In the present members of Association are more than 300 members from 29 countries.

The basic directions of activity of Association:

  • Carrying out of scientific conferences and the congresses
  • The educational activity directed on improvement of professional skill of surgeons
  • Propagation of new directions and technologies in medicine
  • Publication of the medical literature
  • Medical - advisory activity
  • Now the Association annually carries out three international distance scientific forums:

    The international scientific teleconference "Cardiovascular surgery and angiology"

    The international scientific teleconference "New technologies in medicine"

    International scientific telecongress on surgery of spine and spinal cord "InterSpine"

    All reports are published in Internet and in the Journal "Bulletin of the International Scientific Surgical Association" (ISSN 1818-0698).

    Board of Association

  • Dr. D.Afonin MD, DMSC, Russia
  • Prof. F.Balluzek MD, DMSC, Russia
  • Dr. D.Kalinovsky, MD, PhD Ukraine
  • Prof. V.Knyazhev DM, Bulgaria
  • Prof. L.Lebedev MD, DMSC, Russia
  • Prof. D.Novitzky, MD USA
  • Prof. G.Penina, MD, DMSC, Russia
  • Become the registered member of Association

    We suggest you to enter in members of our Association.

  • If you becoming the registered member of our Association, You will receive on a regular basis and in due time the information on new conferences and congresses
  • You will receive the Journal "Bulletin of the International Scientific Surgical Association" (ISSN 1818-0698).
  • You will learn in due time about the new actions(shares) spent by our Association
  • You will have an opportunity to take part in the advisory activity spent by Association, and to have an opportunity to have the quite good additional income.
  • For what to become the registered member of our Association, it is necessary for you to fill and send us on to e-mail e-mail the information about you and to pay an annual membership dues.
  • The annual membership dues - 40 $ (cost of three Books of Conferences spent by Association)

    Essential elements for payment of a membership dues will be sent to you after reception.

    After payment of a membership dues collections of reports of scientific conferences already past in the current year will be sent to you. Other materials will be sent in process of carrying out of scientific forums.

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