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The $title ISSN 1818-0698 (Print), ISSN 2078-8053 (Online) aims at quick publication of original research in all branches of surgery.$title

Editor-on-Chief: Dr. Dmitriy Afonin MD, DMSC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Secondary Editor: Prof. V.Knyazhev MD, DMSC, Varna, Bulgaria

Editorial Board:

  • $titleProf. L.Bajenov MD, DMSC, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Prof. A.Gladkov, MD, DMSC, Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Dr.D.Kalinovsky, MD, PhD, Donetsk, Ukraine
  • Prof. L.Lebedev MD, DMSC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Prof. D.Novitzky, MD, Tampa, USA
  • Prof. A.Orel, MD, DMSC, Moscow, Russia
  • Prof. G.Penina, MD, DMSC, Syktyvkar, Russia
  • Prof. A.Schafler, MD, Ulm, Germany
  • Dr. E.Ubeyli, MD, PhD, Ankara, Turkey
  • Dr. A.Zenelaj, MD, Tirana, Albania
  • Copying and reprinting: Material in this journal may be reproduced by any means for educational and scientific purposes without fee or permission with the exception of reproduction by services that collect fees for delivery of documents and provided that the customary acknowledgment of the source is given. This consent does not extend to other kinds of copying for general distribution, for advertising or promotional purposes, or for resale. Requests for permission for commercial use of material should be  addressed to the Editor-in-Chief.

    Subscriptions: Subscriptions and orders can be addressed to the International Scientific Surgical Association.

    Manuscripts: The manuscript should not exceed 6 pages.

    Typewritten, double spaced papers must be typed on one side of standard letter size paper in English. The cover page must include the title of the manuscript, full name, title and academic degree of each author, telephone, fax, e-mail, and complete mailing address. The corresponding author must be identified to whom all the correspondences should be addressed. A maximum of 10 of the most appropriate key words must appear on the cover page.

    The manuscript should follow the usual sequence of sections (Abstract; Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results and Discussion; Acknowledgements (if any); References; Appendix (if any); tables; caption for figures; figures).

    References must be numbered, typed completely and referred in the text in squared brackets.

    All illustrations (diagrams, graphs, etc.) should be in black and white with gradation of gray color of a high quality. Photographs, radiograms should be in raster format (preferable - TIFF, JPG, PSD). The other illustrations should be in vector format. The editorial staff may correct illustration to improve their view.

    Photographs and illustrations should have appropriate legends and must be typed on separate pages. They should be pertinent, brief, but complete. Photomicrographs should have scales and magnifications should be identified in the legends. Neither the manuscript nor the photographs will be returned to the authors.

    For more information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief. 

    All correspondence should be addressed to the

    Dr. Dmitriy Afonin, P.O. Box 85, Saint-Petersburg, 195067, Russia.

    Tel. +7(911)253-8758

    ICQ 278679709

    Skype: medinform



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    $title, 2010, Volume 5, N 1 $title, 2010, Volume 5, N 1, PDF $title, 2010, Volume 5, N 1
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